time to talk about mental health

Shocking statistics reveal that one in four of us are still afraid to talk about mental health.

So here at harrisonJorge, we adopted an ‘Elephant in the Room’ approach which allowed people to pop a post-it note on its back describing how they feel to  enable us to start a conversation about mental health.

On February 7, as part of Time To Talk Day, we ran a series of fun and interactive workshops throughout the day. We provided the cakes, tea and coffee, games, quizzes and a life size cut out of HRH Price Harry, and our teams bought a real sense of openness and honesty which helped everyone open up and talk about mental health.

Shared experiences, empathy and a genuine desire to understand more about how we can help each other resulted in a thumbs up from everyone.  Due to the resounding success we are continuing to roll this out throughout the year, ensuring that those who were unable to attend last week can do so at future sessions. Its good to talk.